This entirely depends upon your electricity usage, roof size and geographical location. But, in general, for an average household, a 6.66 kW system is sufficient to cover most of the energy consumption. This will cover approximately $450 per quarter.

On a cloudy or rainy day, your solar system works. However, they may produce considerably less amount of electricity as low as 10% or 25%. So, on grid-connected system, your grid connection compensates for it.

A grid-connected solar power system is an electrical power station that uses direct current (DC) electricity from solar panels to supply power within the utility lines of an existing electrical grid. Such systems can feed excess generated energy back into the grid, which is particularly important with renewable energy generation.

It depends upon your electricity usage pattern. If you consume more electricity in the evening and at night, you definitely want a solar battery installed in your solar energy system. However, it may also require you to increase your existing solar power size.

The prices of solar energy systems vary according to their size and location. In the Port Macquarie region, a standard solar power system may cost anywhere between $4000 and $7,700, depending upon the size.

Your solar system will shut down if there is a power outage. This is a safety precaution because a grid-connected solar power system sends solar power to the grid, and it becomes dangerous for linesmen working on any repairs or maintenance. Hence, it turns off and will automatically turn on when the power comes back during daylight hours.