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How Solar Panels Impact Your Home & Home’s Value

Installing solar panels is a great way to reduce your electricity bills and is safe for the environment, but do they improve your home’s value? When your home is your biggest asset, maintaining it is essential. Renovations, maintenance and all your fittings and fixtures certainly improve the value of your home, but nothing can ease off or pay back your maintenance cost. Can solar power help you with that?

‘Solar Power Adds Value to Your Home’- a Myth or Reality?

When it comes to cutting down the cost of electricity bills, solar installation is such a great opportunity and will reap rewards in this area. Also, thanks to modern technology – the sleek design of solar panels does not spoil the look of your home. As of now, most Australians are now familiar with solar water heating, and people continue to show strong interest in installing a solar heating system. As per the statistics, more than 29% of homes in Australia have rooftop solar panels. While this can be a strong indicator of why people like to have solar panels, how does it improve your home’s value?

Solar Becomes Your Biggest Selling Point

The value of solar energy installed homes are increasing rapidly. Long gone are those days when people would look for just the aesthetic features and comfort while buying a home. People are now more eco-conscious. So along with the aesthetic feature, comfort and sophistication, people also look for solar power.

Solar power is obviously self-sufficient, safe for the environment and is economical in the long run. Due to its reliability and added benefits, many people who look for homes are more likely to invest in solar-powered homes. Moreover, solar panels also modernise your home. Solar panels can make the biggest selling point of your home, even making it sell much faster. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just add value to it, solar panels are worth it.

Minimum Maintenance

Nowadays, solar panels are more efficient than they were a couple of years back. You don’t need costly maintenance schedules frequently. The improved technology makes them work efficiently and have a good life span of over 25 years. Even though periodical cleaning is advisable, the charges are negligible compared to the financial benefits they offer.

So, now that you know solar panels add true value to your home, you should also be aware of some of the myths surrounding solar panel installation.

Are Solar Panels Are Bad for Your Roof?

Well, that happens only with poor installation. It requires skill to install effectively without affecting the structural and mechanical properties of your roof. Therefore, you must pay extra attention while hiring a solar installer. An accredited solar installer will inspect your roof and ask you to fix your roof if needed – that’s the first step for an effective installation.

Are Solar Panels Are Toxic?

Solar panels are made up of silicon crystalline PV cells. The cells are encased in polymer material with an outer covering of glass and aluminium frame. It only contains a trace of lead in the solder, but the latest technologies have even replaced them. Solar panels are harmless and are just like any other electrical and electronic device. Most importantly, solar panels are recyclable.

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