Not necessarily, as solar panels require very little or no maintenance at all. However, to ensure it offers the maximum benefit, there are certain things that you should take care of regularly.

Solar systems can be kept in top form by following a few simple steps.

What is the Life of Solar Panels and Solar Systems?

Investing in a robust solar energy system gives a lifetime of use as long as they are well maintained.

Good quality solar panels last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. However, the newest solar panels and solar power systems available in the market now have higher life and can last about 40 to 50 years.

If you want to check the life expectancy of your solar system, contact your solar installer or consult our team of solar installers from Bila Energy.

Things to do to Maintain Solar Panels and Solar Systems

The first thing you need to do to maintain your solar panels in their best condition is clean them regularly. Make sure to clean your solar panels and solar systems at least two to four times a year. You can avoid corrosion, rust, and debris built-up on the different parts by cleaning them regularly.

The following tips will help you clean and maintain your solar systems:

  • Buying solar panel cleaning kits will help you clean your solar panel systems effectively. Moreover, the materials available in the cleaning kit are gentle on your solar panels and help prevent any potential damage to your panels from other abrasive chemicals and equipment.
  • Secondly, cleaning your solar panels when wet is one of the most effective ways to maintain them. So, clean your solar systems right after or during rain to save water and get rid of stubborn dirt easily.
  • If you clean your roof solar systems by yourself, kindly invest in good quality safety equipment to ensure your safety.
  • If your solar panels are placed under trees, the debris and leaves can constantly dirty your solar panels. Moreover, to receive optimal solar energy, your solar panels must receive maximum sunlight exposure. So cut down any nearby trees that block the sunlight on the panels.
  • Calling your solar installer at least once every two years to check the solar systems is also important in maintaining them. The solar installers will also check the battery life and wiring to ensure no accidents occur and keep the solar system as a whole.

If cleaning solar panels looks like a daunting task, it is best to contact professional solar installers near you.

When Do Solar Systems Need More Maintenance

Solar panels’ life and supporting parts also depend on where you live. In places with extreme weather conditions like NSW, solar panels may corrode quicker if not maintained properly. Particularly, if you live in a place with high snow levels, your solar systems need more maintenance. Similarly, if you live in dusty areas, which increases debris built-up, you should clean your solar panels more often.

Furthermore, note that solar systems built on older technology are less optimised and have a shorter lifespan. They require more regular maintenance and repair to gain optimal solar energy production.

Next Steps to Maintain your Solar Panels and Solar Systems

Now you know that you should clean and maintain your solar panels to gain optimal performance. Apart from cleaning them regularly, you should also check the sunlight exposure. Most importantly, you must consult a professional solar installer every two years to avoid unfortunate events.

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