It’s no doubt that solar batteries require a substantial upfront investment. If you can’t decide whether you need a solar battery system, you have to examine your needs. To help you determine whether they are worth it, or you need a solar battery, we have come up with all the necessary facts and possible circumstances.

How Are Solar Batteries Beneficial?

Solar batteries reduce the dependency on grid power for a good reason. You have a solar system installed in your house, which is good enough to power your home throughout the day, however, at night you may depend on grid electricity. If you consume more energy at night, you may depend more on the grid electricity. For instance, if you are a family that spends most of the day outside or away from the home, except for weekends – you will consume a lot of energy only at night. In that case, solar battery systems can be a great option.

Solar batteries save you from the skyrocketing peak time energy prices. A solar battery-powered solar system will save you hundreds of dollars when on-demand tariffs kick in, especially the summer peak time tariffs. A solar battery can potentially save around $600 to $700 on average in regular households per year.

Is a Solar Battery Worth It?

In Australia, a good solar battery system would cost anywhere around $8,000 to $15,000, including the installation charges. Like solar panels, solar batteries also come with warranties. They typically offer 10 years warranty from the date of installation, depending upon the manufacturer, capacity, and other factors.

If you install a 6kWh system with a life expectancy of 10 years and you consume that 6kWh every single day around the year. Let’s say you pay 30c per kWh for the grid power. This system can save you 1.80c per day or $657 per year. So, if you are willing to pay for a 6kWh system around $4000 to $5000, this system will pay back in six or seven years. If you want them to pay even quicker, you may have to pay a bit more for a solar battery system.

Final Words

Solar batteries are definitely worth it for providing cleaner backup energy anytime if your energy needs are higher. They may not necessarily pay you back as solar panels do but they will save you from the soaring electricity prices. If you already have a solar energy system, you might want to consider sizing up your existing solar panel system to support a solar battery. For more queries on solar battery systems or solar installation in the Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Nambucca Heads, and Taree areas of NSW, reach out to us now.