As a small business, you will need to consider many expenses such as licensing, wages, stock purchases, marketing, and power bills. These expenses will keep rising but having solar panels can be beneficial for your small commercial business.

What are the benefits of solar energy for small businesses?

As small businesses, installing a solar power panel can help to reduce unnecessary costs. But that’s not all. Some of the main benefits of installing solar power panels in Newcastle, Port Macquarie and nearby areas include the following:

1. Cost reduction

One of the main benefits of installing solar power panels is that they will reduce monthly electricity bills. However, the cost reduction due to these panels will depend on the industry, time of activity, location, and size of the facility.

2. Sustainable

In today’s time, sustainability is a fundamental concept for businesses. Apart from reducing electricity costs, solar energy panels help companies switch from non-renewable sources to renewable sources to produce energy.

Becoming “green” can contribute to increasing the appeal of your business. Several small businesses around the world are shifting to the installation of solar power panels for their business. As a result, you can also comply with the regulations of local and state governments.

3. Reduces business’ carbon footprint

Irrespective of your business field, it can be one of the most significant contributors to pollution. It would help if you opted to install solar power panels as they help reduce the carbon footprint, thereby contributing to a green environment.

What are the types of solar systems?

The type of solar system you will need for your Newcastle, Port Macquarie or Sydney business depends on the size of the business’ premises, the hours of operation and the level of energy your business consumes daily.

1. 10.8kW Commercial Installation

If you have a limited budget with a small facility, the 10.8kW commercial installation can benefit your small business.

2. 15kW solar panel system

The 15kW solar panel system is extremely convenient for businesses. Moreover, depending on your requirements, these can be upgraded as well to meet the business requirements. The system consists of a high-quality tier 1 solar panel along with a 15kW solar inverter.

3. 20kW solar panel system

The 20kW solar panel system comes with a 20kW solar inverter. Several businesses across Newcastle and nearby areas choose 20kW solar panel systems. This is due to the reliability, the sharp decrease in energy bills and the ability to sustain the heavy demands of a commercial premises.

4. 30kW solar panel system

These are made up of a combination of 30kW solar panels and a tier 1 module. These panels offer a guarantee of 25 years along with linear support.

Steps to implement commercial solar for business

The commercial solar energy solution can be extremely beneficial for your small business. However, some of the considerations are the following

  • You should know your business sustainability and financial goals. To go green, you need to install a system that can fit your organisation.
  • Always hire a renowned solar installer around you to suit your project value.
  • Know how much you’ve consumed in the past six months to find an effective solution and determine the type of solar panels for your business.

Choosing a solar system to suit your business can be complex and often confusing. Speak with the experts in Commercial Solar at Bila Energy to get the best advice on the savings you’ll expect based on the best solar system for your property.