CEC accreditation means you get safe and reliable solar product standards and best installation practices. If you are going for a solar panel system, make sure you hire a CEC accredited solar retailer and installer. Here’s everything you need to know about CEC and its accreditation in 2022.

What Is the Clean Energy Council?

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is a non-profit, membership-based organisation that represents and regulates the growth of renewable energy in Australia. It ensures the quality, reliability and safety of the solar PV industry and other renewable energy systems. The council does it by maintaining and developing the standards for all renewable energy products and services.

CEC aims to transform the energy market into a smarter, cleaner, and consumer-focused system and works with other leading energy industries to ensure it reaches its goal. Currently, CEC has over 800 members that are big companies and players in the renewable energy industry.

What Does CEC Do?

  • Advocates the renewable energy industry
  • It works on improving the clean energy standards
  • Provides support to various players in the clean energy industry to help the sector grow
  • It offers valuable and up to date information on clean energy for businesses and to the general public
  • Works closely with the government to campaign and increase demand for clean energy products
  • It develops and promotes the clean energy policy to meet the Renewable Energy Target
  • Advocates for clean energy council members

Apart from these, CEC also prepares the Clean Energy Report that shows the developments in clean energy at both states and national levels.

What Is CEC Approved Solar Energy Retailer?

The CEC Approved Solar Retailer Program ensures the commitment of solar and storage businesses to make responsible sales, marketing activities and industry best practices. Since it is authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the program sets the standards higher than the minimum government requirements. Hence it provides a better standard of service. That’s the reason why you must purchase a solar panel system from an accredited solar retailer.

How To Become a CEC Approved Solar Retailer?

To become a CEC approved solar retailer, you must follow the below steps:

  1. A proof that you have operated in the solar industry for over 12 months
  2. A proof that you have adhered to the Approved Solar Retailer Code of Conduct
  3. Go through an integrity assessment that also includes checking financial integrity
  4. Disclose any past or present sanctions from state consumer affairs agencies or the ACCC
  5. Provide examples of customer documentation
  6. Meet all the requirements on the given application form

Further Steps For CEC Approved Solar Installers

An accredited solar installer goes through various tests and applications to become one. Here are the steps to becoming a CEC approved solar installer in Australia:

  1. Must complete a training program through an RTO (Registered Training Organisation)
  2. Apply for a provisional CEC accreditation
  3. Complete all online assessments within 30 days
  4. Complete a real solar installation for practical assessment
  5. Submit full CEC accreditation application
  6. Receive full CEC accreditation
  7. Renew accreditation every year

What Is CEC Approved Solar Energy Installer?

An approved solar energy installer means your solar installer has undergone all the training required for solar panel and battery installation and design and follows industry best practices. It means your solar energy installation is in safe hands. Also, you receive government solar rebates only if you install your solar panel with an accredited solar installer.

Now you know why accreditation is important.

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