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Off Grid, Grid Connect or Connected With Batteries

There are three options when it comes to solar power for homes and businesses across Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. These include Off Grid Solar Power, Grid Connect Solar Energy and Connected with Batteries.

There are advantages to using each solar system option and some are more suitable to certain properties than others. Here’s all you need to know about the solar power systems available for your region in NSW and about choosing the best system for your home or business.

What Is Grid Connect?

Grid Connect includes the use of solar panels and an inverter. It’s the cheapest way to get solar to your home and saves you the most money on your electricity bills. It’s also the most popular and common form of solar power for residents in built-up areas.

The premise behind Grid Connect Solar Power is that the inverter feeds power directly to the home and back through to the electricity grid system. It is in this way that you save money on your household electricity bills as the power stored on the grid can be utilised for credit or a payment for the electricity you have generated.

As you are generating your own power through your solar panels, you don’t rely on the grid for all of your power. This is where your power bills can be eliminated altogether depending on your power needs.

What Is Off Grid?

Off Grid can be great for more remote homes or if you want to live off the grid. Bila Energy utilise the highest quality lithium batteries for your off grid solar system, which means you have a greater depth of discharge.

Off Grid is essentially a stand-alone unit which is then connected to the electricity grid system. It’s perfect for homes where connecting directly to the grid is not possible. This happens in remote and isolated properties across NSW.

So, if your home is secluded, it doesn’t mean you miss out on the benefits of solar energy. Contact the team at Bila Energy to find out about our Off Grid Solar Solutions.

What Is Connected With batteries?

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to save on your energy bills then Connected with Solar Power Batteries is a great choice. The battery is not much bigger than a jerry can but has the ability to power your entire home.

Through the use of solar panels feeding power to the battery, you’ll store power during the day for your home to utilise in the evenings. Solar Power Batteries allow you to store the power in the battery, rather than feeding it back into the grid which makes your household less reliant on the grid’s power.

Why Choose Solar?

There are a range of benefits to getting solar power and solar panels installed in your home or for solar installation for a business.

These include the lower greenhouse emissions your home will produce, meaning you have a lower carbon foot print on the environment. You’ll also see your energy bills substantially decrease and in many instances, your energy bills will disappear altogether.

Saving money is one of the biggest draw cards for residents in the Port Macquarie and surrounding areas and it’s no wonder. With energy costs on the rise in NSW and Australia, everyone is looking for alternative options and the popularity of solar energy has increased. You can even receive rebates for solar you store on the grid – saving you even more money!

Find Out More

The expert team at Bila Energy will listen to your requirements for solar energy, calculate your expected energy usage and assess your property for the best option to suit your energy needs. This will ensure you get the perfect solar system for your requirements and your unique property – whether it’s a home or business.

Contact the team on 1300 101 600 for a free quote on your solar energy system. We service Port Macquarie, Nambucca Heads, Taree, Forster, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Maitland, and all surrounding regions. Call today!