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Solar Rebates, Grants, and Incentives for Businesses

The price of electricity in Nambucca Heads, New South Wales is above 30 cents per kilowatt an hour on average. During peak times, the tariff can often exceed 50 cents an hour per kilowatt. This makes solar an excellent investment for businesses owners as it gives you a huge discount on your energy bill. See here for more information on how solar power installation can benefit businesses.

Solar not only saves you money it helps the local environment and wider community. In New South Wales there are two main financial incentives when it comes to solar.

There is a solar rebate from the small scale renewable energy scheme. This rebate is available Australia wide.

Solar Power Systems with Batteries

The New South Wales government is offering loans for solar power systems that have batteries. These loans are also available if you are wanting to add batteries to existing solar installations. Presently there is a Solar for Low Income Households trial program where 3 kw solar power systems are installed for free. Note that this is a trial program only and subject to availability.

New Solar Installation with Batteries

The installs are eligible for interest free loans of up to $14,000. Loans must be repaid in 8 years.

Batteries that are Added to Existing Solar Panel Systems

If you have batteries added to your solar panel system you may be eligible for loans of up to $9,000. These loans must be repaid in 10 years.

How Much Do I Save?

When you order solar installation in New South Wales the Australian Government solar rebate can reduce the costs of your solar system by up to 33%. There is presently no additional rebate for New South Wales, unlike Victoria.

Small Scale Technology Certificates

Property owners that install approved solar panel systems through accredited solar providers will receive Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s).

Bila Energy can organise the discount that is available to you when you purchase your solar systems with us.

Will the Government Rebates Be Cancelled?

The government subsidy scheme seems safe for now. Under current legislation the STC rebate is set to drop by one fifteenth every year from 2017 until it reaches NIL in 2031.

Feed in Tariffs

Feed in tariffs are a rebate system. Your electricity company pays you for any electricity that is feed into their main grid via your solar system.

What Type of System Can I Buy?

To ensure that you receive the rebate, your batteries, panels and inverter need to appear on the Clean Energy Councils approved product list. Our team of solar installers can verify that the products you purchase are eligible for the rebate, and we can even help you with the application. All of our team are Clean Energy Council (CEC) qualified electricians.

Increase in Prices

Due to demand, it is possible that the price of solar installation in Australia will increase over the next few years. This means that even though the rebate will probably still be in place, you will still have a higher out of pocket expense at the outset.

Saving Long Term

Once you have had your solar panels installed by professional solar installers, you can start to help create a greener environment, reduce your emissions, and save money on your electricity bill. The returns you receive depend not just on how much solar electricity you use, but how much electricity you consume in general.

For more information about how we can help you save money through solar, contact us for a free quote today. Our solar installers service Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie, Taree, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and surrounding areas of New South Wales.