Solar System Installers

How Does Solar Power Work in a Home?

When you have solar panels installed on your roof, part of your electricity is created using the power of the sun. Whenever it is daylight solar panels installed on your homes roof are generating electricity. Your electricity bills go down, and the carbon footprint is improved.

Australians are lucky in that we have such a warm and sunny climate. In Port Macquarie there is between 200 and 250 hours of sunshine every month. Typically in Port Macquarie, you will create 4.19 kWh of electricity daily with 1kW of solar panels. The Average Australian household uses about 16 kw per day. Depending on your solar array output you will generally save around 75% per year when you have solar power in Port Macquarie.

Bila Energy solar power installers in Port Macquarie can give you an obligation free consultation to see if solar is suitable for you. Bila Energy services the Mid North Coast in areas such as Port Macquarie, Taree and Coffs Harbour.

The Solar Panels

Solar panels are also often called modules. They have photovoltaic cells which transform sunlight into electricity rather than heat. These cells are made from silicon.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

1. Sunlight Activation

Sunlight on your roof activates the solar panels. Each solar panel contains a metal frame, a layer of silicon cells, a glass case surrounded by a special film and wiring. Panels are grouped together into arrays for maximum effect.

2. Electrical Current is Produced by the Solar Panel Cells

Each solar cell contains a thin semiconductor which is made from two silicon layers. One of the layers is positively charged, the other negatively charged. This forms an electric field. When the sun’s energy strikes the photovoltaic solar cells, the cells become energised and cause electrons to come loose from the semiconductor wafer’s atoms. These loose electrons are set in motion by electric fields surrounding the wafer. This movement creates an electrical current.

3. Electric Energy Conversion

The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity created, however, is direct current (DC) electricity. The type of electricity needed to power your home is alternative current (AC) electricity. The solar panels have an inverter, which is an electrical device in your roof. It converts the electrical current from the panels into electricity which is supplied to your lights and powered appliances.

If you use more electricity than is generated by your solar panels, your electricity provider will send you an account for this amount only.

4. A Smart Meter Measures your Usage

There is no need for you to check your electricity meter. The meter measures the follow of electricity both directly to and from your home. Any surplus power that you do not use is sent back to the grid and your electricity company will provide you with credits.

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