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Solar System Effectiveness In Port Macquarie

Solar power offers endless opportunities and possibilities in Port Macquarie. Not only do homeowners show interest in solar installation, but also many large scale solar projects continue to harness its effectiveness.

Solar Panel Installations and Savings in Port Macquarie

Nearly 21% of the households in Port Macquarie have rooftops with solar panels.

As a coastal town located in the middle of Sydney and Brisbane, Port Macquarie enjoys the best subtropical climate in Australia. It experiences mild winters and gentle summers, which is a massive solar resource. In other words, an average rooftop in Port Macquarie roughly receives 4.8 hours of peak sunlight per day on average throughout the year.

According to the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI), the average size of a solar energy system installed in rooftops, including commercial installations, is approximately about 2.77 kW. So, assuming a system of 80% efficiency and 4.8 hours of peak sunlight, 1 kW of solar panels in Port Macquarie can generate 1402 kWh or an average of 3.84 kWh per day. Typically, an average Port Macquarie home uses 15 to 20 kWh per day. Refer to the table below to get some understanding of what you will need for your home.

Solar System Solar energy per day Annual Solar Energy Output
1.5 kW 5.76 kWh 2,102 kWh
3 kW 11.52 kWh 4,205 kWh
5 kW 19.2 kWh 7,008 kWh
6 kW 23.04 kWh 8,410 kWh
8 kW 30.72 kWh 11,213 kWh
10 kW 38.4 kWh 14,016 kWh

Furthermore, based on your self-consumption rate and the feed-in tariff rate, you can make huge savings on your annual electricity bill. For instance, a 6.6 kW system produces 9,250 kWh per year in Port Macquarie. And say if you can use around 70% to 80% of the solar power generated, you can save up to $2000 a year. It will pay you back in a good 2 to 3 years.

Is Solar Panel Worth It?

Reduced prices and financial incentives from the government makes a solar panel system more affordable than ever. Moreover, by going solar, you reduce your dependency on the grid. You also benefit from exporting the surplus energy generated from your solar panels to the grid. Currently, in NSW, you may get a feed-in tariff anywhere from 6c to 17c, depending upon your electricity retailer.

So, if you already have a solar power system, install a solar battery to your existing solar power system and start making significant savings on your electricity bills. If you want to know whether your rooftop is eligible for solar panel installation, contact an accredited solar installer nearby. Also, make sure to inquire about savings based on your usage and needs.

Are You Located in Port Macquarie?

If yes, this is the best time for you to join thousands of homeowners who have installed solar panels and make the best use of sunny days. Also, when you install a solar system in Port Macquarie, you join other solar owners by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by cutting down 46,226 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

If you are looking for high-quality solar panels and batteries at competitive prices in Port Macquarie, you are at the right place. Our fully accredited solar installers will customise the best solar system for your needs. So, contact us or start by filling our contact form to get a free quote for solar system installation in your home at Port Macquarie.