Solar System Installers

The Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are as popular as ever and there are many benefits to installing them on your roof. Newcastle, Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie, Taree, Coffs Harbour and surrounds are great areas for solar. According to an ABC report these regions have increased their summer by 48 days, meaning they get a lot of sunlight. And while the sun is out your solar panels are busy creating electricity for your home meaning you are saving money!  Here are some of the benefits:

Clean Energy

When the sun shines, solar panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. The solar inverter converts the electricity into alternative current (AC) so that you can use it in your home. You are using a natural resource to power your home rather than using electricity directly from the grid.

If there is excess energy that is not used this electricity is utilised to charge a solar battery or is sent back to the electricity grid. A smart meter is provider so that you can check the generation of your solar energy, as well as your consumption and exported electricity.

All of the systems at Bila Energy are installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers. We are also fully insured to give you complete peace of mind.

Save Money

Once installed our quality solar system draws energy from the sun which goes to the grid. You are using electricity that is created from the solar panels which saves you money. Your electricity bill is significantly reduced.

The solar panels provided by Bila Energy are tier one quality solar systems. We have a range of different sizes and types of solar systems for you to choose from. You get a value for money system that saves you on electricity your electricity bill long term. Any excess energy is sold back to the electricity company so you can even make a profit or be in credit some quarters, depending on the days of sun in the billing period, and your electricity usage.

Factors that affect the size of your electricity bill include the site, location, and quality of your solar panel system. How much electricity you use, and how and when you use electricity affects your bill when you have solar. The total of your bill also differs depending on which energy provider you are with.

There are government incentives for installing solar presently. Our team can give you more information.

Environmentally Friendly

Using solar panels reduces your carbon footprint, and that of the wider community. Your electricity is all naturally generated. The solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, also called solar panels, capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity. This reduces your need for electricity from the grid. Choosing renewable energy helps to protect the planet.

Add Value to Your Home

Having solar panels not only makes your home more saleable if you decide to sell, it increases the value of your property. You save money while you are living in the property, and your home will be valued at a higher price which is ideal if you wish to sell or refinance. Buyers will pay a premium for homes with solar installed. Sometimes buyers really appreciate a ready to move in home. They can find additional value in a home that has solar already installed.

Quick to Install

Compared to other forms of home and workplace renovation, solar installation is relatively inexpensive. Install can often be done in a day, and the process is generally non disruptive.


Bila Energy is your local team of solar designers and installers for home, workplace and off the grid properties. Our staff are highly specialised and trained in all things solar, and we take pride in our customer service and care. We can customise a solution to meet your needs. If you are looking for solar for your home in Newcastle, Nambucca Heads, Port Macquarie, Taree, Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas of New South Wales contact us for a free quote today.