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When should you add a battery to your solar system?

The straight answer to this question is you cannot pinpoint the right time to add a solar battery to your existing solar energy system. You can install it whenever you want. However, since it’s a big investment, you need to plan for it. You have two options – you can install both together or add a solar battery later. It also depends on whether you need a solar battery system in the first place for which you can contact a professional solar installation service to get some insight.

What Do You Have To Look at Before Installing a Solar Battery System?

A solar battery system is a worthy addition to your existing solar panel system. It serves as a reliable energy source and helps you save thousands of dollars on your utility bills. The less you rely on grid electricity, the more you reduce the impact of carbon emissions.

So How Does a Solar Battery Work?

During the day, solar panels convert sunlight into DC power and send them to the inverter. The inverter converts this DC power into AC power, so it can be used by home appliances. If they produce more energy than you use, your solar panels export the excess energy to the grid for a feed-in tariff. On the other hand, if you install a solar battery, your battery stores the excess energy produced. When is the right time to install it? It heavily depends on the installation costs.

Installation Costs

The biggest deciding factor to the question now or later depends on the installation cost. Installing both solar panels and solar batteries at the same time reduces the installation costs. Currently, there are many offers to purchase solar panels. Though the solar-plus-storage system can add additional costs to your solar installation, they make the installation charges less expensive than adding batteries later.

Getting Your Solar Battery Installed

Installing a solar battery later includes both the purchase cost as well as the installation charges. In addition, adding a solar battery later doesn’t mean it’s an easy job. You may have to replace or add a few components to retrofit a solar battery system. It’s mainly due to the inverter and the type of battery storage system.

These add up to additional charges, costing you more at the time of installation. In an AC coupled system, you need a separate inverter to charge the battery. And in the case of a DC-coupled system, you may have to swap your inverter with the one compatible with the battery. Not to mention, DC Installation is also much more complex when compared to AC coupling. That said, both installations involve additional costs. However, AC coupled systems are more flexible to choices.

If you are installing a solar panel system, it is best to go for a solar battery at the same time. It not only reduces the installation charges but also reduces the material costs. Another benefit is that you can also expect a shorter payback period, even though solar panels pay you back faster than solar batteries.

Do You Need a Solar Battery?

Now that you know what’s behind installing a solar battery now or later, decide according to your needs. Reach out to our highly professional and friendly team at Bila Energy if you have any queries regarding a solar battery installation.