Utilising free electricity from rooftop solar panels serves as a promising solution for hundreds and thousands of households and businesses in Port Macquarie to save from soaring electricity bills. And technically, Port Macquarie already has 21% of households with rooftop solar power systems enjoying the benefit of free sunshine in NSW. However, there is still a long way to go to meet the clean energy needs and become solar self-sufficient.

Average Solar Power Generation in Port Macquarie

An average rooftop in Port Macquarie receives 4.8 hours of peak sunlight per day throughout the year. So, assuming you have a 5kW system with 80% efficiency, your solar panel system will produce 19.2kWh per day in good conditions.

An average household in Port Macquarie consumes just 15 to 20kWh per day. Hence installing a 5kW system is more than sufficient to meet the daily electricity needs of an average household. You can also make use of this more effectively by installing a solar battery to power your home during the night-time. Installing a solar battery also helps you during power outages and reduces your dependency on the grid. So, installing a good quality solar panel system will help you save on your electricity bills.

How Much Do Solar Panels Save You on Electric Bills?

To begin with, solar panels do save on your electricity bills, but “how much does it save” depends on various factors. Mainly, it depends on your electricity usage.

Typically, solar energy helps you save around $400 to $500 on an average in NSW. If you have a quarterly electricity bill of more than $500, you can make a decent amount of savings on your electricity bill. The more your electricity bills are, the more you can save from solar power.

The other factors include solar panel efficiency and the size and angle of your roof. It also includes the local electricity rates. You can contact a local solar installer to determine these factors, compare the average savings you can make and help you make an informed decision.

Solar Rebates and Incentives in NSW

Another reason why you should consider going solar is the solar rebate you receive from the federal government. The rebate enables you to cut the solar system cost by up to 33% when you purchase and install a solar panel system in Port Macquarie.

The NSW government offers solar rebates through small scale technology certificates (STCs). STCs are tradable certificates that you can sell to save as a discount for your residential solar installation.

The number of STCs you will receive depends upon the size of your solar power system. The larger the size, the bigger the rebate. It also depends on your location (zoning), STC value and the deeming period.

The average solar rebate in NSW is currently $600 for a kW of solar panel installed. However, bear in mind that the government rebates keep reducing every year. So, act quickly!

Solar Energy in Port Macquarie

If you already have solar panels installed on your roof, consider taking the next step towards energy independence by installing a solar battery and storage system.

An effective solar panel and battery system will pay for itself in a few years. So, going for solar power in Port Macquarie is worth it and is a solid investment in every way.

Need help finding out your roof’s solar potential and how much you can save in Port Macquarie? We are here to help you. We are a local accredited team of solar power installers in Port Macquarie. Contact us now for any queries or free solar quotes.