Solar power is a rewarding long-term investment for businesses. Businesses, no matter the size – big, medium, or small, can save considerable money by reducing electricity bills with solar energy.

Commercial solar energy systems are available in various capacities and can be custom designed to suit individual energy needs. However, the most common commercial solar system sizes are 20 kW, 30 kW, 50 kW and 100 kW.

In NSW, a kW solar energy system would produce 4 kWh of electricity a day on average. Assuming you are a medium-sized business, by installing a 30 kW solar panel system, you can generate approximately 120 kWh a day, making you self-sufficient for your daytime business operations. If you need one, our team can help you.

Here are some of our recent commercial solar panel installations in and around Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Taree, Nambucca Heads, and Forster regions of NSW.

1. 25.2 kW Roof-Mounted Commercial Solar System, Port Macquarie

A local facility in Port Macquarie approached our team to help them reduce their energy expenses and carbon footprint. Our team proceeded with a detailed discussion with them on their current electricity expenses and how much they would want to save with a new solar panel system. After discussing and assessing the site, our team designed a 25.2 kW rooftop solar system based on their requirements and installed it in just 1.5 days.

solar installation port macquarie, solar panels port macquarie

2. 20 kW Solar Installation

Here is another commercial solar energy project that our team undertook in Port Macquarie. We designed and installed a 20 kW solar system based on their electricity requirement. With reliable and high-quality solar panel and battery systems, businesses can benefit from reduced power bills and even become fully self-sustainable without depending on the grid. Our team is ever ready to help businesses become self-sustaining with affordable premium solar panel solutions.

Commercial Solar Power Port Macquarie NSW

3. Commercial Solar Installation for a Newly Built Commercial Building

Considering the enormous benefits of solar energy for businesses, more and more new businesses, including new commercial buildings, are going green by planning and integrating solar panels. Here at Bila Energy, our team recently installed a highly efficient solar system at a newly built commercial building. We assessed the site and came up with a unique design to meet the electricity needs of the building.

solar power port macquarie


4. 10.8 kW Commercial Solar, Taree

Our team was super excited to do a solar installation for Dicko’s sheet metal business in the Taree region of NSW.  After having a clear discussion about their requirements, our team designed and installed a highly efficient 10.8 kW solar power system. This design will meet most of their electricity needs and enable them to cut down their electricity bills.

solar installers port macquarie

5. 13.2 kW Commercial Solar Installation, Coffs Harbour

Our team of highly qualified solar installers and technicians recently installed a 13.2 kW solar system for a manufacturing company in Coffs Harbour, NSW.  We designed the system with premium quality solar panels and an SMA inverter to meet their energy needs.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation From the Team of Best Solar Installers in NSW

Free electricity for businesses! Isn’t that great? Solar panel systems pay for themselves within a few years so that you enjoy the benefit of free solar energy at full potential for the next couple of years.

With attractive solar rebates and incentives, commercial solar power has never been more affordable in Australia. If you are a business looking to go green and save on your hefty electricity bills, now is the best time. All you need to do is just reach out to an expert solar installation team near you.

Contact our team of expert solar installers and technicians at Bila Energy for high-quality solar panels and solar battery installations for your business in NSW.